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What tarot card combinations are there?

Tarot cards are an effective tool to discover yourself and for personal development. Tarot cards can help you get a better understanding of your relationships, life, and even the future. When you are reading Tarot cards, you’re not only studying specific cards but the connections between the cards. These connections, or combinations will give you additional understanding of the meaning behind the reading.

The Major Arcana

The Major Arcana is the first 22 cards of a Tarot deck. These cards are the most significant themes of life like birth, death love, transformation, and death. If Two Major Arcana cards come together during the course of a reading, they could give meaning and depth in the interpretation.

For instance, if the Lovers card is paired with the Hermit card this could indicate that you’re facing an issue that requires you to look within to discover the answer. Also, if the death card is paired with that Wheel of Fortune card, it could indicate that you’re about undergo a major shift within your personal life.

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The Minor Arcana

Minor Arcana: The Minor Arcana is the second part of a tarot deck. It has 56 cards, split into four suit: Wands Cups, Swords and Pentacles. Each suit is a representation of a specific element: water, fire air, earth and air.

If Two Minor Arcana cards are paired during an reading, they may give more specificity and detail for the reader. For instance, if the Page of Wands appears with the Knight of Cups, it could be a sign that you’re set beginning a brand new romantic journey. If, for instance, you see the Eight of Swords appears with the Ten of Pentacles, it could indicate that you are stuck in a circumstance which isn’t helping you.

Reversed Cards

In Tarot, cards may be seen in either reversed or upright position. If a card is seen in an upright position, it is read in the literal sense. If a card is in reverse it is read in a shadow or opposite sense.

For instance The right-side Ace of Cups represents new romance and a new beginning. A reversed Ace of Cups represents heartbreak and loss.

Combining the elements

When playing tarot cards it’s also beneficial to think about the components of the cards. Each card is connected to the elements of that are water, fire air, earth, and air.

For instance For instance, for instance, the Wands suit is linked to fire, while the Cups suit is linked to water, while the Swords suit is linked to air and the Pentacles suit is linked to earth.

If you are reading the meaning of a tarot card it is beneficial to think about the components that the cards. If, for instance, you’re seeing many fire cards during your reading it might mean that you’re being creative or passionate. If you’re seeing lots of water cards during the reading you are doing, this could indicate that you’re feeling emotional or intuitive.


Combinations of Tarot cards can prove to be a potent instrument for self-discovery as well as personal development. When you’re studying tarot cards, it is important to take a look at the individual cards in addition to the relationships to the other cards. The more you know about tarot the more you’ll be able to utilize it to gain insight into your daily life.