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Why Use Code Signing Certificates

The Reasons You Should Sign

Maximize Revenue and Distribution across a broader range of platforms
Two factors are making code signing more vital than ever before: the explosion of applications designed for consumers on desktop and mobile devices, and the rise of malware. Mobile network and software publishers providers are increasingly requiring the signing of code from a trusted Certificate Authority (CA) before accepting code to distribute. Code Signing is compatible with more platforms than any other provider of code signing.

Reduce the number of security warnings you receive by relying upon an Trusted Certificate Authority (CA)

Our widespread use of root certificates is unmatched. Our root certificates are preinstalled on all devices and are integrated into many applications. If you utilize Code Signing, your code is accepted automatically for seamless downloading. If a security message appears, it’s more likely to suggest trusting your code since it’s an established source of trust. (Security warnings depend on platform or application as well as client the security setting).

Additional Motives to Sign Code Signing Certificates

Guard Your Code Integrity and Reputation

Digital signatures are evidence of integrity of the content so that your code is not altered or circulated with unapproved modifications. When the hash that is used for signing the application is the same as the hash used on the downloaded application, then the code’s integrity is maintained. When the hash to sign the application does not match, the user will receive an error message about security or the application fails to download. Code Signing Certificates have an optional timestamp that can be used to prolong the lifespan that your digital signatures. The validity of your code will not be affected regardless of when your certificate of code signing expires because the authenticity of the certification at the moment of signing the digital signature is verified.

Increase Speed Time to Market by Streamlined Security

Our portal for web-based use with API and integrations makes it simple to manage and incorporate codes signing within your process for development. Streamlined security lets you go to market faster , while safeguarding authenticity of code as well as reduces security alerts.

Provide a Secure, Safe Experience for our Customers

We can help you create an experience for users that is seamless and minimizes security alerts and install failures, while increasing revenue and distribution potential of your code. The act of signing your code assures you that it is not altered and is from you. The act of signing it with a cheap code signing certificate shows that you’re backed by the industry leader in security for code signing and can ensure a safe, secure experience for you as well as your customers.