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The Role of PAT Testing Equipment

PAT testing is abbreviated as Portable Appliance Testing and is the standard method used by companies and organizations to ensure that their electrical appliances are safe for use by employees and the public who visit their premises.

Testing equipment for specialist testing performs electric tests of appliances in order to verify that they’re operating in accordance with established guidelines to ensure safety. Every appliance in a commercial location should be tested. the tests must be conducted by an expert who can conduct the test.

This is usually an individual who has been trained to conduct these tests in a recognized method and is regarded competent enough to carry out PAT testing for appliances.

A company or business hires a PAT Engineer to conduct tests on appliances that are in their workplace. The Engineer will then conduct various tests visually, and with their testing equipment for PAT in order that the appliance is classified as safe to use or dangerous to use. Appliances that pass the tests and considered safe will receive a label that is passed and then entered into the database of the Engineer as being passed. Those that fail the tests are given a failing label and added to the database as failing. The items that fail are considered unsafe to use until repairs are completed or the appliance is replaced.

The electrical appliances used in commercial premises must be safe to use. Testing for PAT is the simplest and most thorough method to ensure that businesses comply with this legal requirement.

But, not every appliance are required to be tested as frequently as other appliances. Certain appliances should be tested more frequently because they are in highly-trafficked locations or are frequently used or are located in places where damage could more easily happen.

To determine which appliances should be tested more frequently , it is suggested that risk assessments be conducted on appliances in order to determine when a retest is required.

The risk assessments are conducted often and help determine what the ideal time for a testing schedule is needed for the particular device.

The role of Testing Equipment for PAT

The PAT testing equipment is the method through which testing of electrical safety is conducted on appliances. Without PAT testing equipment, the tests would not be conducted.

Tests conducted using PAT testing equipment comprise the following: the earth-bond test leakage/touch current test as well as test of extension leads and cables.

In addition to the electrical tests, other tests are also conducted including the visual inspection which is crucial to identify any physical issues that may be present in the appliance.

The equipment used for testing PAT is diverse and varies in cost from basic models to expensive models that have more advanced functions. Every model comes with its advantages and advantages. Before you can make a decision on which one is the best for your requirements it is essential to determine whether a simple, mid range , or more advanced model is required. It will be contingent on the factors in addition to the quantity of test that an Engineer will be able to conduct.

When selecting a PAT testing company, it is crucial to determine if a download or manual tester is required , and whether a basic test for passing or failing is appropriate or if something more sophisticated is required.

If you’re having difficulty finding the PAT tester that is the best one for you, get in touch with us at 01642 987976, and we’ll discuss your needs with you and help you choose the right one to meet your requirements.

Who Carry out the Tests?

PAT testing is conducted by certified PAT testing engineers and technicians. The majority of people who carry out PAT testing have completed an education course on PAT testing, and have successfully completed the course and obtained a certificate of competency. This certification of competence shows that they have the ability to effectively and safely conduct tests on equipment and declare them safe or unsuitable for use.

To become a PAT tester, There are several classes that you can carry out, including:

City and Guilds PAT testing course 2377-22
Test Course for PAT
PAT Testing Business Start Up Course

Which PAT Tester Brand Do I Need to Choose?

There are several brands of PAT testers and each manufacturer offers various types of equipment to meet various budgets and needs.

Certain brands offer testers for those who want a basic test machine and others have testers designed for those who want more advanced designs. A few offer both.

Instead of focusing on the kind of tester to buy, it’s important to first determine what kind of tester you’re looking for:

Do you need a download machine?
Do you require advanced capabilities?
Do you wish it to be light and portable?
Do you want a device that has pre-determined pass marks or do you require an electronic readout?
Do you wish to have the keyboard to be part of the machine?
Do you want it include a huge onboard memory?

These and other questions need to be addressed in order in order to narrow your choices of PAT testers, and select the most suitable one for your particular situation and testing requirements.