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Why buy a property in Istanbul?

A property purchase in Istanbul is among the best options for an investor planning to start investing in Turkish property, thanks to the huge advantages that the city is famous for.

Why should you buy property for sale Istanbul?

What do you think are the most significant motives that could lead investors or foreigners regardless of his nationality to purchase and own property located in Istanbul and not other provinces and states in Turkey?

What’s been observed was that Istanbul is the place that is that is favored by investors and foreigners all over the world, without exception with a range of incentives and reasons.

In the next paragraph, you will be able to see all the factors which encourage foreigners to invest in property in Istanbul.

First: Real Estate Investment:

One of the primary motives that drive foreigners to invest in a property within Istanbul is the desire to get into the world of real estate investment in order to make huge and substantial profit. The evidence is overwhelming that Istanbul is the ideal location to begin such a venture. The end result will surely be distinct and provide the owner with a great deal of money and satisfaction.

Second: Stability and housing:

Another of the primary reasons for a foreigner to invest in a property in Istanbul is that they discovered in the city the perfect place to live permanently, and where all the essentials of a perfect life are accessible like schools as well as hospitals, health facilities malls, among others.
The third step is to obtain citizenship

One of the primary reasons for foreigners to purchase real estate within Istanbul is the desire to attain Turkish citizenship. According to statistics compiled this year, over 40% of the people who bought property in Istanbul were looking to obtain citizenship.

Benefits of purchasing real property in Istanbul:

If you decide to purchase an apartment in Istanbul There are numerous advantages you’ll gain from it. This is precisely what entices investors and foreigners to purchase a property in the city and not the other Turkish cities.

Below, you can see the entire video, and the image will then be highlighted in depth.

Successful real estate investment:

If you choose to venture into the real estate sector in Istanbul it is a good choice to be successful and earn huge and plentiful earnings. Every indication suggests that Istanbul is a great place for this type of venture and the personal experiences of businessmen, investors, and other investors prove this.

If you purchase a property in Istanbul that is worth more than 400 million US dollar or greater, you’ll be eligible for Turkish citizenship that is among the most powerful and influential nations in the world. Additionally, you have to maintain the property for a minimum of three years. During this time, you can’t let the property go, however and you’ll be able to lease it out for massive and substantial yields throughout the year, especially during tourist seasons which is when the market for real estate rises dramatically, so you won’t be able to find your home empty of tenants.

Second: A variety of important facilities:

The Turkish government was not afraid to offer all the services and incentives to encourage foreigners to select Turkey generally and Istanbul specifically, in contrast to the scenario in European countries, where there are many obstacles that make an investors reconsider their choice to buy their property.

One of the biggest advantages provided in Turkey for foreigners are the chance to obtain an actual residence permit. This is considered to be among the most essential and most desirable kinds of residences in Turkey for any reason, thanks to the simple process of obtaining it, on one hand and the option of renewing it every year however.

What you are not aware of is that this permit permits you to move between Turkish states with ease without needing an authorization to travel, and it is also available to the entire family, i.e. the spouse and children who are not yet at the age of 18.

It’s not hard to remember this fact that among the primary and most significant advantages that an investor can see before him (the simplicity of the procedures to own real property in Turkey) as well with the transfer of ownership as well as other basic details.

Third: The expansion of the transport network:

It is possible that you think the idea of having a home and living in Istanbul is not a good idea due to the of the massive crowds are a part of it and its high population density. One thing you aren’t aware of is the fact that Istanbul is among the cities with the highest density of people worldwide and not just in Turkey.

This isn’t as a major issue because the transport system and public transportation have been developed to a great extent, which makes it more significant in this regard than some of the biggest cities of the world, and, in particular, European ones.

Transportation lines were linked to all regions and regions were fed from inside by buses, as well as other forms of transportation. Highways were constructed, which contributed to the convenience of moving between regions and places at a great speed without the necessity of spending much energy, time and money.

The expansion of the transport network linked the different areas of Istanbul with one another, and eventually became one block. the interconnection took place between the Asian as well as European sections too.

Fourth: It encompasses international universities:

Have you ever heard that Istanbul is a city? of Istanbul has the most significant and prestigious private and public universities? They have achieved an important and prestigious rank around the globe, and not just in the context of Turkey and, thanks to the efforts of the people responsible for them they were successful in entering the international competition.

Students are accepted into these universities from all over around the globe, including the Arabs since they offer their students certifications that are internationally recognized particularly by European Union countries.

In addition, students studying at these universities does not have a significant amount of expenses, and they are superior in this regard to universities in Europe which can be difficult for students to learn in due to the cost-intensive tuition they require on one hand, and on the contrary, because of the harsh conditions they create.

Fifth: The most important tourist places to visit:

Istanbul is among the cities that are the most significant worldwide in terms of tourism because it draws thousands of visitors from all countries to its historical, tourist and natural attractions that are scattered all over the world.

The tourism industry in Istanbul isn’t restricted to historic and ancient locations, but it there are many modern attractions like huge and luxurious malls that draw a lot of Turkish and foreign visitors.

Sixth: A large real estate diversification:

You’ve probably seen the huge real estate variety that is a part of Istanbul and where you have to discover options that are suitable in terms of specs and costs and also.

One of the top choices that are in high demand in the city is the residential apartments that are distinguished by the utmost sophistication, luxury and contemporary styles, and are supplied with numerous important services and leisure facilities that allow you to lead a better way of life from the normal.

Seventh: Moderate real estate prices:

Despite the many advantages the city has it’s prices are to be very low and a good choice when we compare with prices are found within similar European cities, both in terms of the status and importance.

According to a report published by The Times, an American The Times, a newspaper in the United States The Times, prices in Turkey generally are less expensive than prices for real estate in eastern Europe and have a significant proportion of as high as sixty percent. It is also more affordable than property in the western part of Europe by an imaginary percentage of up to 90 percent.

Alongside the right price Real property in Istanbul is distinguished by top quality and international standards Construction companies construct their properties in accordance with international standards for quality.