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Conditions for Turkish Citizenship Through Investment

Turkish Citizenship through investment 2022. What are the conditions for obtaining Turkish citizenship by investment?

The minimum investment amount required to be able to apply for Turkish citizenship by real estate investment increased by $250,000 up to $400,000 from June 13th, 2022. Following this date, in order in order to apply for citizenship via investing in real estate the worth of the property or estate(s) bought must amount to at minimum $400,000.

5 Ways to Gain Turkish Citizenship are:

Turkish Citizenship through Investment Purchase of a Property for 400.000USD and various other methods
The Company’s Registration is in Turkey and Work Permit (Calisma Izni) – 5 years
Citizenship at Birth
Citizenship through Marriage
Citizenship by Buying Property in Turkey with a minimum value of (75,000dollars)after 5 years

As per the law, currently, it is possible to gain Turkish citizenship through marriage, birth, paternity and through an investment in Turkey.

Turkish citizenship through the Investment Program (TCBI) launched in January 2017 has led to an acceleration in the real estate market, attracting foreign investors from all over the world.

Turkish citizenship gives the chance to access as well European and Asian markets to investors. Also, to acquire the lifetime citizenship of a nation which is currently going through complete membership talks with European Union.

Turkey permits foreigners to invest through different ways in the country and get the right to citizenship.

6 Options for Getting Turkish Citizenship through investment

There are six ways to attain Turkish citizenship by investing:

Turkish citizenship by the investment 400.000 USD property
Setting up a fixed capital the amount of $500.000
Employing at least 50 people
Minimum of 500 million Dollars (it could be equivalent to different currencies or The Turkish Lira) worth of deposits to banks in Turkey must be accepted.

Condition: The deposit can’t be taken out of the bank for three years.

A minimum amount of 500 000 USD (or equivalent to a distinct foreign currency, or Turkish Lira) the government’s debt must be taken out to purchase

Condition: Government bonds have to be stored for 3 years.

A real property investment fund share or Venture Capital Investment Fund share valued at a minimum of 500 thousand dollars should be purchased.

Condition: Participation shares must be kept for a minimum of 3 years.
Turkish Citizenship through the purchase of real estate in Turkey worth a minimum of $400.000

The amount for Turkish citizenship through investment in property was raised from 250,000$ to 400,000$ by the President’s decision at the time of June 13, 2022. Citizenship can be applied for with the properties you already purchased. The property value you bought from January 12th, 2017 and September 18, 2018 must be at least $1 million. Thus, property values less than $1 million that were purchased prior to the date of this event are not enough to apply for citizenship.

You can get Turkish citizenship through property investments for yourself or your spouse as well as for your kids under the age of 18 with the promise not to sell it back within 3 years. A Turkish passport can be issued in 3 months.


The property has to be purchased in cash.
The owner of the property your going to buy should be a Turkish citizen.
The title deed must be completed.
Does not have a problem in terms of debt.
If you buy two or three properties, that will total $400 000 dollars. total.

Documents required to submit Turkish Citizenship Application

Documents needed for Turkish citizenship through investing at the stage of applying are:

(VAT-4) Form to apply for Turkish citizenship by investment application. Other Citizenship Application Forms
Population Registration Birth Certificate (For all family members)
Residence Certificate of Residence
The Marital Status certificate (Showing that the buyer of the property on behalf of this property married, single or divorced)
Certificate of Demise (If an applicant a widow, an official document relating to the death of spouse)
Health insurance
4 Biometric Images (Taken against a white background)
Parental Consent Letter (For the child under 18 years old who will obtain Turkish citizenship from the applicant. It must be signed by a notary or overseas representative or the appropriate authorities in the country of their residence.

Note Original and Notarized Turkish Translation of the above Documents

10. Power of Attorney (For authorization by the lawyer)

11. Certificate of Conformity

12. Receipt of Service Fee (Must be obtained at the Finance Cashier)

3 Stages of Getting Turkish Citizenship Through Investment

How do I Apply for Turkish Citizenship?

3 Steps to Gaining Turkish Citizenship through Property Investment are:

1. Obtained the Certificate of Conformity

Following the transfer of the Title deed was completed, the certificate of conformity is sought from the General Directorate of Land Registry and Cadastre along with

Bank transfer receipts,
Real estate valuation report for Turkish citizenship acquisition,
The annotation of “cannot sell for three years” added to the title deed or property sales Commitment Contract.

2. Request of Turkish Residence Permit

To obtain a Turkey residency permit you need to submit an application to the Provincial Migration Management with the necessary documents.

The investor is entitled to renew his or her residence permit until his / the process of obtaining citizenship is completed.

3. Request for Turkish Citizenship

The application is then finalized through the application for Turkish citizenship through investment to the General Directorate of Population and Citizenship Affairs along with the residence permit as well as all the documents you get before this stage.

After the application, the authorities in charge evaluate the application.

After the validity of the applicant for citizenship in Turkey is established, the application is approved by President Recep Tayyip Erdoan and the Turkish procedure to become a citizen is completed.

How Long Will It Take to Get Turkish Citizenship?

How long will it take to obtain citizenship by investment in Turkey?

It takes 3 to 4 months to get Turkish citizenship through investments in 2022 after you made the investment and submitted your application for citizenship. It is also possible to get Turkish Citizenship for the family membersin the household: spouse (wife/husband) and children who are less than 18 years of age within a week, as long as the primary applicant received citizenship. You can also obtain you a new Turkish Passport as well as ID card the moment you get it. It could take between one and two weeks depending on the date of your appointment for getting the Turkish passport.

The total amount of the Turkish passport fees has been updated for 2022.

In this case, the 6 month passport fee will be – 309.40 Turkish Liras

1 year – 450.80 Turkish Liras

2-Year 738 Turkish Liras

3 Years 3 Years 1048.70 Turkish Liras

From 4 to 10 years – 1478 Turkish Liras
Where to Apply for Turkish citizenship and Turkish Passport?

European Side General Directorate of Population and Citizenship Affairs | Turkish Citizenship by Investment

As of 17.12.2020, the General Directorate of Population and Citizenship Affairs has moved into the Zeytinburnu district in Istanbul. You can request Turkish citizenship by making an investment in the new address for citizenship affairs. It is possible to make appointment to apply for citizenship through investment Turkish National ID card Turkish visa, passport or driver’s license , and driver’s license on the General Directorate of Population and Citizenship Affairs website

To apply for citizenship by being a resident of 5 years within Turkey or Turkish citizenship application through marriage, you can apply to at the Istanbul Provincial Directorate of Population and Citizenship located in the Fatih district.

10 Benefits of Getting Turkish Citizenship via Investment:

The right for residence lifetime stay in Turkey
Benefit from the strong Turkish healthcare program (free).
You can gain from top education institutions (free).
The right of work and investment opportunities in Turkey without limitations
Citizenship right to spouse and children younger than 18 years old from the applicant
The right to apply for the E-2 Investor Visa in the USA with a five-year renewable time
All international incentives given to Turkish citizens through multilateral or bilateral accords, including but not only the Ankara Agreement
You’ll be able to vote.
The Republic of Turkey allows dual citizenship benefits.
Turkish citizenship visa-free countries – Turkish passport allows travelers access to more than 111 nations without having to apply for one at the border. Special passports and Service Passport holders can travel to 146 countries without a visa and 9 countries grant visas at gate.

When applying to apply for Turkish citizenship, nobody knows Turkish laws more than the Citizenship lawyers. Moreover, lawyers have specialization areas of study in particular areas.

The most experienced legal counsel with expertise and experience in foreign national citizenship will help you navigate the right direction and assist you in your transaction and free from complications. The only person that can help you for acquiring Turkish citizenship is a reputable lawyer.

The Benefits for Turkish Citizenship Lawyers for the Application of Citizenship

If you cooperate with citizenship lawyers during your formal procedures including your citizenship, you will have the following rights:

Checking whether the property that you’re looking to buy is suitable to Turkish citizenship conditions and providing the most up-to-date details and advice.
Inquiring about the zoning status the property, including whether it is licensed for building or not, as well as whether there are any restrictions, foreclosures or problematic situations on the property.
Validating an authenticity check on the Real Estate Assessment Report, that is needed for the process of applying for Turkish citizenship. It also proves that your value on the estate you bought is at or above USD 400.000.
Applying to the relevant official institution for the Residence Permit.
Providing all necessary legal counseling throughout your process from the creation of documents required to be submitted for Turkish citizenship to the preparation of documents required for a Turkish passports according to the provisions under the Law.
Following the processes meticulously until the point at which you are ready to go.

Alternative Methods to Gain Turkish Citizenship

Turkish Citizenship by Birth

Turkish citizenship gained through birth is obtained spontaniously by virtue of connection to the family or the place of birth. Birthright citizenship takes effect from the moment of birth.

* In the union of marriage, a child born of an Turkish citizen mother or father in Turkey or elsewhere is Turkish citizen.

* Exceptionally to the marriage union an infant born of the union of a Turkish citizen mother and a foreign father is Turkish citizen.

* Except for the union of marriage, a child born of a Turkish mother and citizen mom can be granted Turkish citizenship if the procedures and principles which determine the lineage are observed.

Turkish Citizenship through Marriage

Another option for foreigners to get Turkish citizenship is through marriage. The union of a Turkish citizen will not allow the person from outside to gain citizenship right away.

Conditions for Turkish Citizenship through Marriage

1. The foreigner must be married to one of the Turkish citizen for a minimum of 3 years. Also, continuing marriage is a requirement.

2. In a familial unit,

3. Not to engage in activities incompatible with the marriage union.

4. A situation that is not present that would pose a danger for public security and security in the country.

Turkish Citizenship General Application Buying Property in Turkey at any price (Minimum 75,000USD)

It is possible to obtain Turkish citizenship within 5 years through the purchase of property at any price, but it should cost a minimum amount of 75,000$. Foreigners whose has an uninterrupted stay in Turkey for 5 years , and who have the special residence permit that is only available to property owners can acquire Turkish citizenship through a standard application. It is recommended to apply for a residence permit to immovable owners with your title deed frequently during these five years. It is not recommended to be in Turkey for longer than 12 months within the time frame. An Turkish Passport is valid after 3 months.

Take note (Touristic as well as student permits aren’t applicable for this method of obtaining citizenship so be sure to apply for a residence permit along with an official title title.)

Recognizing Citizenship through Decision of Competent Authority

In this manner, the citizenship file is given to those who are foreigners and want to acquire Turkish citizenship and who meet the necessary conditions for application. This file is sent into the Ministry of Internal Affairs for an official decision.

The necessary research and investigations is conducted through the Ministry. After the process, people who are considered eligible for citizenship are granted Turkish citizenship upon a recommendation by the Ministry.

As a result of the investigation and examination result of the examination and research, any request from foreigners that have not been approved is denied from the Ministry.

Acquiring Citizenship through Adoption

If a non-adult foreigner is adopted by a Turkish citizen, the latter may be granted Turkish citizenship from the date of the adoption. In this instance, the person who receives Turkish citizenship shouldn’t pose any obstacles in the area of the security of the nation and public order.

The right to become a citizen is acquired through the right to choose

According to the law of citizenship The law on citizenship states that a father or mother can be denied Turkish citizenship for various reasons. If the father or mother has not received Turkish citizenship applications, the children of these parents lose their Turkish citizenship with the permission of the other parent.

According to the above situation According to the above situation, children who have lost Turkish citizenship may be able to obtain Turkish citizenship through exercising their right to vote within three years after they reach the age of adulthood.