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How To Dress A Blue Suit?

The blue suit can be an essential component of the wardrobe of any man. This is because you are able the blue dress on different occasions.

However, with all the different blue shades to choose from, how do you determine which is the best for you?

There’s a surprising secret to know which blue suit to put on It has nothing to be related to your individual coloring or anything similar to that.

Instead, knowing which shade of bluethat that you’ll be wearing, is dependent on where your body will be. It’s not an easy thing to comprehend.

Things to Take into Consideration When wearing a blue Suit

A blue suit in any shade can look stunning. There are some rules to be adhered to in order for your blue suit to look stunning.

Don’t forget, your blue suit should be perfectly sized.

Additionally, a bit more attention is needed when you’re wearing blue suits since the matching of colors can be a challenge. The level of formality that you want to maintain will affect the colors you can choose.

However, the appeal of blue suits is how versatile it can be. The suit can be dressy or down, but the degree of formality will influence the color you choose to wear your blue dress.

The Shade of Your Blue Suit

With so many different hues of blue available to select from, there are endless possibilities in the field of blue suits.

Navy blue, which is darkest blue and is the most traditional blue suit that you can buy. When you move down shades, the suits get less formal.

From navy, it is possible to move to powder blue or royal electric blue and/or a midnight blue suit. Midnight blue is well-liked by suits as well as Tuxedos.

There is even an outfit in blue with green undertones, making something like teal.

There’s a blue shade suitable for any occasion. Of of course there aren’t all blues that are appropriate for everyone however, everyone can discover the right color that suits them.

The Color Wheel

Since blue isn’t an neutral color It can be an obstacle to make it match. That’s why the color wheel is your most reliable companion.

Blue is a cool toned color and it’s crucial to wear it in the correct way. The good thing is that blue suit outfits for suits and shirts are numerous.

For a more electric appearance You can match the blue suits with complimentary shades. This is the color that is opposite to the wheel of color.

In this scenario the orange color would be a complimentary color to blue suit. The two colors together could be very striking.

You can opt for a more subtle orange, and add it to pockets squares or your tie. An accent of burnt orange can truly brighten up the look of a navy blue suit for instance.

If you want a less subtle color scheme, experiment using analogous colors. These are colors adjacent to one another within the color wheel.

If you want to wear a true blue suit, it should include navy blue and green. It is possible to use lighter shades of either to create an extremely earthy tone.
The Formal

The darker shades are always much more elegant than light hues. If you are dealing with blue suits navy is the formal shade of blue.

If you’re not attending an event that is black-tie it is possible to wear a navy blue suit , or perhaps a navy-colored tuxedo to the majority of formal events.

In contrast, the lighter your outfit the more casual the blue suit.

So if you’re in need of an outfit for a casual event such as an infant blue, or powder blue suit will be perfect. They are the most casual that you can find regardless of the popularity in powder blue suit tuxedos from decades ago.

What to wear for an Navy Blue Suit for Business-Formal events

Navy blue is a wildly versatile color to wear with your suit, which makes it perfect for a variety of situations.

You can change the style the navy suits based on your needs for business.

It is ideal for that important board meeting or tucked in a bit for a typical working day.

For instance an Navy blue dress with pinstripes provides a slightly casual look to your dress. However you can make your outfit more formal by adding formal accessories.

Navy is also easy to mix with other colors because it’s a dark shade. It is possible to stick with neutral colors and still be okay, however, you can spice it up by adding more vibrant shades.

Wear a white or pale Blue Shirt

White button-down dress shirts makes an elegant match with an navy-colored suit. It’s a great choice since it creates a striking contrast against the dark hue in your navy suit.

White shirts are an old-fashioned classic that is the most professional look when you wear a navy suit. For that white shirt give the greatest impact it is essential to make certain that it’s clean and clean.

Be sure to iron it. Also, it must fit perfectly. A properly-fit shirt looks very professional.

If you’re looking to change in style from your typical uniform white dress shirt wear a light blue shirt instead. Of of course, a pink dress shirt can work too.

A light blue shirt softens the look because it’s not as sharp in contrast to the white shirt.

Light blue shirts set against navy blue backgrounds are an interesting combination as the colors are two distinct shades of blue.

It’s also a surprise element to a formal suit.

Dark Brown Dress Shoes

Brown or black shoes are equally good. However, dark Brown dress shoes make a trendy alternative to the blue business suit.

If you’re wearing a dark blue suit your shoes must be dark brown, too.

This darker color is similar to the color of dark blue in the suit. Furthermore the warmth of the brown is a great balance with the cool tone of blue.

Also, black shoes can also be worn when paired with an edgy navy suit. They’re far more professional than brown shoes, so you should stick with the classic black dress shoe If that’s important.

Match the Tie

Navy blue suits look good with a wide range of shades. However, a classic shade tie can be the best fashion for work.

Dark tie are the most reliable companion for the dark blue suit you wear in a formal setting. It symbolizes professionalism and seriousness.

However, a lighter shade of your tie will come off as being too trendy and experimental. It draws excessive attention to the blue suits but not enough focus on your character.

For instance, a dark red color would appear strong and confident.

For the more subtle color of your tie the brown shade that’s about the similar shade to your shoes will look stylish like a tie in blue.

You could also try yourself in a monochromatic look by wearing a navy tie to be a perfect match with the blue dress.