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A Marquee Wedding: The Ultimate Guide

An Marquee Wedding allows for limitless possibilities of creativity, no matter the size or scale of your wedding day. They’re the ideal blank canvas that allows you to create your own wedding space. There are numerous designs you can choose from, each with its particular advantages and unique style. This is the Ultimate Guide for a wedding marquee.

The Sperry Tent

First, first, the Sperry Tent. A traditional wedding tent, they are extremely well-known for their simple design. Their appeal lies in their aesthetic appeal inside and out and feature stunning structures that couples can adore as well as dressing up with installations and using the poles as a focal point to add interest to the overall wedding d├ęcor. Sperry tents are great for weddings in the summer, with curved edges with clear walls, offer an enchanting natural and outdoor feeling.

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The Tent is Stretch Tent

Stretch tents are an attractive style that is like an extended canopy. It is ideal for sunny days and can be placed on top of a seating space with entertainment or a bar and are flexible in terms of size and can be used to cover a variety of aspects in your day.

Clearspan Marquees

Clearspan marquees are framed in metal marquees that are easy to be set up, are flexible in terms of size, and offer many different styles available to give you the style and look you want. They also provide a fantastic blank canvas that has structural frames that can be used for installation and rigging, so you can play around in the design. Clearspan marquees are ideal to have the benefits of a closed space, while adding some outside elements to allow for beautiful views. They can be fitted with an open sides and roof that allow breathtaking views. What an amazing way to make your guests at while you are having your wedding reception.

Raj Tents

If you are a couple who is planning to tie the knot and seeking a more individual and relaxed feeling, we suggest an Raj wedding tent. They are traditional Indian designs, and typically feature beautifully printed linings of fabric that are patterned with intricately crafted designs. They’re the perfect background for soft furnishings with lots of cushions and a relaxing feel. Most often, they are rectangular in shape, so they are ideal for an London garden!

The most expensive part of the list is the breathtaking glasshouse style, Orangery. This stunning, timeless design is currently used by the Royals is sure to give the WOW-factor. With its stunning glass sides, it gives a extravagant wedding. It is important to note that the Orangery could transform into a green space, so air conditioning is crucial for summer weddings. This style of marquee is so unique that it’s only available from a single UK supplier. Therefore, when you are able to locate it and pay for the price, it’s certain create a wedding to be remembered.

A quick reminder of what to think about/remind your vendor if you are planning to have the need for a marquee

If you’re allowed to have to build a marquee in the area (if it’s not on your private property)

How much space do is required to construct the marquee

When the floor is even

– Adapting to cold or hot weather, windy or wet.

The time to construct the structure. Additional kit will be required to fit marquees (E.g toilets for guests, electricity and power and space for catering back of the house, etc.).