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How Five A Side Helps With Fitness

You may think of it as a fun way to have a laugh with your friends however, a good kick is great for your fitness and health

When you think about the requirements for playing five seven or six-a-side football, the advantages that it offers are evident. It’s time for you to slip on your boots and hit the field.

Performance for a long time

While a game of five-a-side isn’t as long as the full one hour, but it’s an excellent way to improve your fitness. Football is a sport that uses the aerobic and anaerobic systems of energy, which means you’ll burn off body carbohydrates and fats while you play on the field.

It also improves the health of your heart and is a bridge to all areas of life. The VO2 max of your heart is increased and it measures the amount of oxygen you consume when you exercise. This is enhanced by football, however, it can also enhance your football performance.

If you’re a regular fitness enthusiast, a higher VO2 max indicates that you’ll be able train at a higher intensities, using higher weights and doing more repetitions.

A session with friends

Five-a-side’s benefits go beyond having fun with your friends. First, you’ll can lose weight in the group. Researchers believe that this is because of the social interaction which is created through group exercise.

Weight loss is only one aspect of health that can be improved with having a good workout, however. Group exercise improves your health and well-being through four main ways improving mental health, improved physical well-being, and improved emotional wellbeing.

According to an earlier UEFA research, the sport of soccer can stop more than 5,000 instances of mental health problems from increasing.

The stress levels can be decreased by about 26% when you do regular exercise in groups. That’s another reason to get involved in a the weekly league of 5 a side with your fellow players.

Fitness is the foundation of all fitness

Your football performance is enhanced through training in the gym also. The speed, power, and endurance can be the difference between playing on the losing team or going home as the winner.

The five main attributes of football can be improved by judiciously selecting the right exercises.

Power: the difference in winning a fight, out-muscle the opponent or winning an aerial combat

The Banded Bench Press is a way to Loop bands of resistance around the end of a barbell loaded. Complete four sets of 6-8 repetitions. Begin the lowering phase of the exercise with 3-seconds of slowing however, you can increase the speed in one second during the pressing portion.

Speed: speed is the most effective attribute of a player. You can outrun your opponent when you run on a ball that is passing through, or reverse the process, and keep pace with a quick player.

Barbell Back Squats are just as important in enhancing you sprint speed, as is sprinting in itself. An article published by the Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research involved participants doing one rep maximum barbell squats, while testing the 5, 10,, and 20 meters sprint times. A larger squat resulted in an increase in speed.

Endurance: maintain endurance for longer by enhancing fitness levels.

Tabata Cycling: This style of exercise helps to get the top players of the game into good shape before the start of the season. The majority of footballers do it using a bike according to this program:

20 second sprint sprint
10 seconds of rest
Repeat this 8 times.
You should practice 4 times a week.

With each Tabata exercise taking only just four minutes and your weekly training time will be a mere up to sixteen minutes.