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What Are Some of The Favourite American Candies?

We all have our favorite “go-to” candy, and we love American candy. This led us to consider… which is the most loved American candy? So, we’ve compiled the top 10 sweets sold in the US.


Let’s start with the most famous candy brand, M&Ms! The first M&Ms were introduced to America in 1941, and as of 2003, M&M’s are sold in more than 100 countries. M&Ms coated with chocolate candy from Mars Confectionary can now be available in a variety of flavors such as almond, peanut butter pretzel, crispy dark chocolate, caramel. One of our favorites is called the M&Ms Chocolate Peanut Butter Box that is full of soft peanut butter M&Ms and the best part is that they are melted in the mouth and not on your fingers!

M&M Top Fact Did you have the knowledge it was Mars copied the concept of M&Ms in the 1930s in the Spanish Civil War when Frank C. Mars saw soldiers eating British-made Smarties. He was impressed by the chocolate pellets that had colored shells that prevented melts of the candy.

Reese’s Pieces

They are known all over the world for their delicious selection of products made from peanut butter including chocolate bars and peanut butter spreads, Reese’s are high on the top of the popular US candy list of. Our favorite is Reese’s pieces of peanut candy coated in butter Try these in the Reese’s Pieces Theatre Box; absolutely delicious. If you’re looking to truly pamper yourself, why not check out the Reese’s Mystery Selection Box chock with peanuty goodness.

Reese’s Movie Facts Did you know that the works of Reese became a hit in 1982, when they were included in the movie E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial.

Jolly Ranchers

Today, they are manufactured with the help of The Hershey Company, Jolly Rancher are known for their hard candy that is fruity such as gummies fruit chews, jelly lollipops, and beans. If you’re a fan of hard candy, then this is the choice, then it’s as good then Jolly Rancher Original Hard Candy. It’s one of our top selling products, so why not pamper your taste buds with these delicious fruity treats.

Jolly Rancher Fun Fact – In 1948, Bill and Dorothy Harmsen established The Jolly Rancher Company in Denver, Colorado and chose the name to create the impression of a welcoming Western business.

Sour Patch Kids

These vegan-friendly American candies were sold with a slogan “Sour. Sweet. Gone.” This refers to their sweet and sour flavor. When Sour Patch Kids are top of your top American sweets, do not miss out on the opportunity to buy yourself an Sour Patch Kids Bag and take pleasure in the original sweet and sour flavor brought in the USA.

Sour Patch Kids Fun Fact In 2011, there was an interactive game inspired by Sour Patch Kids called World Gone Sour.

Tootsie Roll

The first penny chew that was individually wrapped The Tootsie Roll has been enjoyed in America since 1907. The mildly chocolate-flavoured candy is a class by itself, possessing similar characteristics to both caramels and taffy, but not the same. Take the Tootsie Roll fill with the Tootsie Rolls Midgees Bag. delight in chocolatey treats that are covered in a smooth and crisp chocolate coating.

Tootsie Roll Fun Facts – Tootsie creator Leo Hirschfield named the candy after his daughter Clara whom he called “Tootsie”.


The original Twizzlers were made of liquorice, in the present the most sought-after flavor has become Twizzlers Strawberry Twists that account 70% of the Twizzlers manufactured. The first Twizzlers were created around 1929, it was developed in 1929 by Young and Smylie, one of the oldest confectionery firms in the United States which now produces enough Twizzlers liquorice to travel around the globe 40 times per year!

Twizzlers Record New Record Fact Twizzlers Recording Breaking Fact Young and Smylie hold the record in the world for longest-ever liquorice twist, measuring 1200 feet (370m) in length.

Swedish Fish

The cult fish-shaped chewy candy candies were first made in the 1950s, specifically for their US market. Take a look; you can enjoy these soft, sweet and chewy fishy candy at no cost since they’re an ‘fat-free food’, as it states on the label! They’re also gluten-free as well. What are you waiting on? buy Swedish Fish right now.

Swedish Fish Fishy Fact – The first Swedish Fish gummy sweets actually originated in Sweden and were then made by sculpting fish to show how fishing had been an integral part of the culture and diet in Sweden.

Hershey’s Kisses

Hershey’s Kisses are a popular American confection since 1907 with their distinctive conical form with a flat top. The chocolate-based solid small Hersey’s Kisses are in a reusable wrapper and are ideal for decorating cakes, or as a delicious snack.

Hershey’s Kisses Fun Fact – Hershey’s were known as “Kisses” due to the sound and the movement created by the machine when it dropped the chocolate onto the conveyor belt.

Milk Duds

Another popular Hersey’s item is Milk Duds, little balls of sweet, chewy caramel. Milk Duds are great for eating or cooking with. While they’re an American iconic but you can purchase Milk Duds here in the UK.

Milk Duds Dud Fact – The idea behind this name Milk Duds came from the fact that it was difficult to create a round candy so they were referred to as duds’.


It’s described as a ‘one-of-a-kind The Nestle Butterfinger Bar is an encased peanut butter base that’s covered in chocolate. Invented in 1923, over time, there’s been many variations, from small Butterfinger Snackerz or cookies that are made of Butterfinger chocolate pieces.

Butterfinger The fact is that around 1 626,000,000 Butterfinger bars annually are made.

We have a wide range of America’s most loved sweets and candies If you are unable to locate your preferred American candy, contact us.