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The Tower T17039 5-in-1 Air Fryer Oven Review

Are you looking for an air fryer large enough to serve the entire family? This is the Tower Vortx 5-in-1 Digital Air Fryer Oven is now available and ready to amaze you and your family by its flexibility, speedier cooking time and capacity. Learn more about it details in our Tower air fryer reviews we wrote to help you!

It has been developed to cater to families and is 75% bigger than other air fryers due to its 11Litre capacity. The unique Vortx technology allows the air to circulate so it requires little or no oil , and reduces cooking time by 30 percent. Your family and you will enjoy healthy food choices you’ll be in a position to cook.

The Tower T17039 5-in-1 Air Fryer Oven Review

Let’s take a look at the things this air fryer could accomplish.

There is no reason to sacrifice flavor and taste thanks to the 5-in-1 feature that allows air frying roast, rotisserie as well as dehydrating and baking! This basically replaces the necessity for five different appliances in the kitchen , providing convenience as well as flexibility and delicious food in one.

It sounds like a dream for you to be able do all of this while creating healthy and nutritious meals that contain 99percent less fat than traditional fryers. It utilizes the Vortx system to distribute high temperature air around your food, which means there is less oil needed and gives you crisp and crispy texture.


Rotisserie function
5 in one cooking (8 pre-set menus)
3 Year Warranty
Larger Capacity- Family size
Cooking time faster


It is important to know what is available on each shelf
It isn’t suitable for cooking fresh battered food items (unless already fried or frozen)

Features And Benefits

It’s a sleek machine that looks great in the kitchen, even though it doesn’t seem large enough. However, the interior capacity was quite impressive. It features a user-friendly digital display with 8 pre-sets within the menu as well as an option to set it manually. It’s a single-touch led display that gives users to cook however you want. You can adjust manually the timer and temperature settings that I prefer to utilize, as it can be used as an oven to heat up or cooking different foods that aren’t available on the pre-set menu. I would suggest playing around setting your settings till you have the cooking time and cooking temperature adjusted according to your preference. The food cooks a bit quicker, so be sure to reduce the cooking time and keep an eye on your food items, to ensure they don’t get overcooked.

This Tower air fryer is equipped with three shelves made of wire and drip tray to use using the air frying feature. It’s great to get an air fryer that you don’t have to pile everything in the basket and then stack it on top and get an even and perfect cook. You’ll have to organize your trays to ensure that juices and fats of the trays do not drip on other food items below. Therefore, if you’re making sausages and chips, place chips on top of the rack and the sausages beneath. This will stop the fat that drips from the sausages getting onto the chips. Air blasting technology that it uses guarantees that your chips will be perfect every time. Even however, even though they’re deep-fried than oven cooked, you’ll not be disappointed.

Crumbed seafood and nuggets fry perfectly using this air fryer. They are crispy and golden each time without turning. Feel free to rotate the pan halfway through if are enjoying. This Tower air fryer can also be perfect for making potatoes chips (parboil first) or zucchini chips. Dust with a bit of pepper and salt, then spray with a little oil to make a delicious snack that is healthy alternative.

Utilize the rotisserie for cooking the equivalent of 1.2kg chicken in just under an hour, with crispy golden chicken that is still succulent inside. The spit for rotisserie comes with a handle for taking the spit when it’s heated, which can be very useful. It is a little difficult to set up initially, but once you have mastered it’s set up, it’s easy to use and you’ll be pleased by the results. The drip tray is able to collect all the fat and juices that are released from the chicken making it simple to clean the fryer.

Dehydrate your favorite seeds and nuts to keep the food longer and give it the additional crunch. The dehydrate is something that you might not think of using to often, but once you get into it, you’ll be amazed at how many food items to dehydrate. The leftover herbs in the fridge don’t have to be waste as they can be dehydrated and keep in the pantry. My personal favorite is making homemade granola for a healthy breakfasts that are loaded with Oats fruit, nuts, and oats with none of the added ingredients that processed granolas contain. If you’ve got a garden, you’ll be delighted to use this method to store and dehydrate fruits and vegetables for the remainder all year.

I was amazed by the huge capacity in this machine. The 3 tray are great to accommodate a variety of food items at the same time, rather than having just one basket that is found on the smaller fryers. While the basket may appear to be larger in capacity initially, you need to continuously shake and turn the food to ensure that it cooks evenly to give crispy texture, but the Tower tray allows that food items to be cooked evenly, without having of turning and shaking. After having previously used a smaller , basket type air fryer that had one setting, this is a huge leap in terms of capacity and functionality. The ability to cook for everyone in one sitting instead of cooking in batches is a huge plus for me. The capacity of the 11 is quite big and is 75% more than the others air fryers.
It also cooks 30 percent quicker! Who doesn’t want their food to be ready in less time these days , when we’re too overwhelmed?

It is also ideal for kitchens with smaller spaces which do not have an oven, or prefer not to make use of it. The ability to bake, roast and bake within it is perfect for kitchens with limited space. You’ll be able bake cupcake cakes, cakes slices, biscuits and cakes and roast vegetables and cooking other meals.

The 5 in 1 functionality that includes air-frying, rotisserie roast dehydrate, bake and roast makes it possible to have one device that can do different cooking techniques. It is 99% fat-free than traditional fryers, they are ideal for those who are trying to slim down and don’t want to sacrifice the taste of their food. You can roast vegetables or make healthy muffins.

The Best Use For

The 5-in-1 tower Air Fryer Oven is great for cooking a variety of food or cooking methods. It is time-saving and a more healthy to cook. From fun frozen treats made of batter to roast potatoes that are crispy, you’ll need less oil, but still get that crisp crunch in each bite.

Here are a few of our favorites it’s best to:

Chicken Rotisserie Roasts and especially the chicken
Homemade potato & Frozen Oven Chips
Baking Cupcakes
Dehydrating fruits, nuts and herbs
Roast vegetables

The Reasons to Purchase

There are a lot of reasons to get an air fryer to cook your food for the family. The capacity is huge and you will not be disappointed by the rotisserie option. It’s a healthier method of cooking vegetables and meats, and it’s priced well for the things you can do with it. Multi-functions give you an array of choices in preparation of food and the use of. As previously mentioned, it’s perfect for smaller kitchens instead of ovens or when you do not have space for storage of multiple appliances.


Are There Any Problems With Cleaning?

Not at all. The juices spill out of the food onto the drip tray, which can be removed. Make sure you clean the interior while it is warm by using a damp sponge to get rid of any food remnants. The trays are simple to wash by washing them in warm soapy water , or placing them in the dishwasher. Simple as that!

Can it cook Battered Foods?

If the battered item is prepared to be fried or frozen before it may not work. Foods that are freshly battered are not suitable for this machine.

Can it bake Cakes?

Yes, it’s possible. Make your cake or cup cake batter as you would using your favorite baking tray. Pre heat to the Tower air fryer before placing on the wire rack. Bake the cake as normal, however, I would suggest making sure to check the cake earlier since it bakes quicker than the conventional oven.

Does It Come With A Light?

It sure does. The light will not stay for long, so make sure you press that button in the display to illuminate your meal.


Overall, it’s an excellent air-fryer Oven that is perfect for any kitchen.

The ability to utilize it to perform a range of cooking techniques makes it only one appliance instead of several kitchen appliances. Its larger dimensions and being equipped to function as an oven is ideal for kitchens that are small in space or for a bigger family that loves great food with a healthier approach.

Have fun cooking!