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Advantages of Corporate Hampers at Christmas

Why do hampers exist? Do they seem a little cliche? Maybe a bit obvious? We’re not saying it! Hampers give you a choice. you can include corporate-branded items along with a variety of wonderful items that give the person as if they’re receiving a treat. There’s no better method to impress someone than to gift them a variety of goodies they would never purchase for yourself? !

Why hampers are great for you as corporate presents:

1. An excellent gift at anytime of the year.

We provide a selection of corporate hampers ideal for your suppliers, customers, and staff throughout the year and but not only during the holiday season. If you’re giving thanks, rewarding or celebrating why not think about gift hampers as an option?

2. You decide what is within your budget

Our hampers come in different sizes and shapes to accommodate different budgets and the different types of customers e.g. alcohol-free hampers. Have you set a spending limit for each head or for the whole project? Discuss with us the items you’re seeking, we can provide custom hampers and products that can be adapted to your event or message Nothing is predetermined however that doesn’t mean that it’s going to cost more.

3. You can also include merchandise with your brand name

Pick your hamper and then contact us to discuss what we can do to incorporate your brand-named stock items.

For new customers who’d want to purchase branded merchandise it can be purchased and then added into your basket. Look through our catalogue online for ideas!

4. Deliver your hampers to any location

Our hampers can be delivered directly to addresses you give us or to a single address – you pick.

5. Sharing hampers

If you’d like to present an item to the entire group, a hamper is an excellent choice. It’s not necessary to figure out which gift to give to everyone, simply send them a selection of things that are all packed in a beautifully presented hamper. Have a look at our hamper selection – ideal for teams, couples, and families.

6. Let’s glance at these Christmas gift hampers

Corporate hampers are a wonderful alternative for Christmas, a season of lavishness and gifts.

If your team members are located elsewhere and isn’t able to all get to the same party venue, what about sending the hamper to their homes or office as an alternative?

It’s not the only time where hampers are a great idea!

The occasions when a hamper present is a perfect fit:

Corporate birthday celebrations, Business birthdays
Birthday of a staff member
Afternoon tea or picnic for the company
Rewards for performance
Celebrate new family additions births and adoptions
Celebrate a brand rebranding celebration Add all new merchandise that reflect your brand’s new look
The team is welcoming a new member
We are welcoming a new client onto the board
Establishing an additional branch (for staff or customers in the new region)
Easter is a time to celebrate (lots of chocolaty)
The night we stayed in the hamper!
A hamper for a wellness day

7. Hamper storage

It isn’t necessary to ship all hampers at the same time We wouldn’t want everyone in your staff and clients to be born in the same month. Instead, they receive hampers with new baby items from your HR department! It is possible to place an order with us and we’ll keep the hampers in storage or a collection of items for your hamper until you’re prepared to send them out. Of course, we’d need be aware of items that are perishable and, over time, substitutes with the same quality could be added if the product line were removed).

8. Customised and branded hampers

It was mentioned earlier that you can add branded items to your hampers and hampers may also include name tags that have the name of the recipient on them or products that have their names on (e.g. named water bottles) or a belly band that wraps around the basket or box, with the recipient’s name or brand printed on, and you can add a personal message. Get in touch with us to learn more.