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Good Website Design Principles

If you’re creating a site for your business or perhaps redesigning your existing website, you might be thinking about what is the purpose of web design and what makes it great. What criteria do you use to determine the importance of this? And how do you ensure that you cover all of the necessary design rules?

The reality is that website design and development involves more than just looking nice. It’s among the most crucial factors in determining to the quality of user experience. an enjoyable or unpleasant experience when browsing your website, directly influencing the overall impression of your company’s image.

We discuss why you should consider investing in a great website design, and the ways it can remain in your favor for years to be.

Why is Web Design Important?

There’s no doubt when we say that web design can determine the success or failure of your business. Don’t believe us? We’ll let the stats do the talking. 75% of people believe that they will make quick judgments about a company’s credibility due to their website’s design.

If that on its own doesn’t convince you to seek out an agency that offers professional web design Lytham, keep reading as we break down the many benefits of an excellent website, as well as the drawbacks of a poor one.

The importance of a good website for a Business

There are numerous benefits from having a sleek elegant, attractive, and simple-to-use website. Here are just a handful of the best benefits.

The Benefits of Having a Great Web Design

It’s a great first impression
It helps you rank in Search Engines, such as Google
This makes you appear trustworthy and approachable
Helps Get Leads and convert sales
You’ll be able to measure up to the Competitors
Gives You a Brand Personality

What are the characteristics of a great website?

A well-designed website contains all the components, which reflects in the rewards in the form of leads or sales or page views. Whatever metric you decide to measure, getting the design right for your website will assist you in achieving your goal.

Good Website Design Principles

Online experiences are a window into your company’s operations, therefore good web design can give your customers the best experience possible with your brand , but you should follow some common principles to make sure you’re in the right direction.

Here are the most crucial web design rules to be aware of.

7 Important Website Design Principles

Here are some of the elements that are essential to an effective website design.

UI/UX and Website Layout Design

The layout and design of websites should not just look attractive but serve a purpose. 77 percent of the agencies believe that a bad website customer experience (UX) can be a problem for their customers. This means that even if they get the visual elements like colours and fonts just right they may be destroying all their hard work due to bad user experience!

The website must always review what the user is likely to encounter and see. The best website is when they can easily navigate and locate the information they’re seeking. If the process takes too long or appears overly complicated, they’ll shut the tab on your site.

Our attention spans are particularly short nowadays, so ensure that the most crucial information is front and centre in front of everyone’s eyes.

Responsive Mobile Website Design

Consider how often you browse the content on your smartphone. How many websites have you opened on your mobile? You’ve probably landed on an online site where we had to scroll or squeeze to make the text usable. It’s not worth the effort!

The statistics suggest that 85% of adults believe that websites should look as great on mobile devices as it does on their desktop. What is this saying for your site’s design?

It is important to ensure that the display adapts to the pixel size of the device you are using to view the site, whether that’s a desktop, smartphone, or iPad. Always ensure that your website is mobile responsive before you publish it.

Quality Content Video, Imagery, Copy Videos

One of the biggest errors companies commit is using photographs that’s big on their site. The result is an extremely slow loading site and images that take a long time to open. The research suggests that 39% of users will stop viewing your website when the images do not load or take too long to load.

Even when you get the photos right, you also want to take into consideration including video. People are 10 times more likely to engage with video than images and so why not make use of that?

Copy is another aspect of a website that people don’t pay enough attention to. If you write poorly, jargon-littered copy, it will not impress your visitors. They’ll be annoyed! Include copy in the design by using short headlines, subheadlines and short paragraphs that are straight to the essentials. Keep in mind that people skim rather than read the entire text Therefore, make sure something catches their interest.

Call to Actions (CTAs)

What’s the point of your site? Sure, you want to make a trustworthy, excellent first impression, but you want visitors to take action! And to do this, you have to keep them in mind and assist users to follow through with CTAs or Call to Actions or CTAs. These include the Read More, Download Now, Contact Us as well as other. These are the buttons you will see on a website.

SEO Traffic

A website that’s backed by a sound SEO strategy, and is built to be in line with this approach, is more like to bring in free, qualified traffic. Your website should be discovered since it will give you the chance to communicate with your clients without the need to chase them.

Websites can be built using SEO principles integrated into the foundation, and it will avoid the necessity to come back in the future to spend money on unnecessary restructuring and enhancements.

Credibility as Social Proof

There’s a ton of fake information and low-quality brands there. This means it’s an actual struggle to cut through the clutter to get to the cream of the crop (you). When your prospective customer is on your site, you want to give them an extra push with social proof such as testimonials, case studies, etc.

Congruity and Brand Identity

It’s amazing how many businesses do not have A Brand Guide outlining their selected colors, fonts and other details. If you’re one of them, your website is an ideal place to start!

You must ensure that the content you’ve put on your website is reflected on every other platform for business, including social media. This brand consistency will make your company easy to recognize and helps to establish credibility. Get your Brand Guide and website done first, and the rest follows naturally.

How Can Bad Website Design harm my business?

As a growth driven web design agency, we’ve been designing high performance websites for many years and are still in the process. We’ve swooped in (that’s our preferred way to think of it) to save the day after clients have done a great deal of damage to their reputation, suffered a decline in sales, low quality results from search engines, poor reviews, and so much more by having poor web design, or performance.

We believe you are able to change your mind and there is never a bad time to start new!

How to Choose a Web Design Agency

When choosing a website design company, you need be sure that you don’t choose anything less than the best.

There are many stages in the process of professional web design. So, the web design company you hire must be aware of all the nuances of web design and development as well as web design and marketing.

Contact us today for any of our website design services, and we’ll ensure your website is visually stunning and help you achieve your business goals.