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The Ultimate Morocco Itinerary: How to Spend 2 Weeks in Morocco

Morocco is a country in North Africa renowned for its breathtaking natural landscapes and abundant cultural heritage. An abundance of captivating experiences await, spanning from visits to imperial cities to expeditions in the Sahara desert. The following are some of the most popular activities and attractions for tourists in Morocco:

Investigate the Magnificent Sahara Desert An essential component of any sojourn in Morocco is an expedition into the expansive Sahara desert. Desert tours in the Sahara transport visitors from urban areas to the vast desert, which features endless sand dunes, oasis formations, and camel caravans. In the Sahara, camping under the stars and camel riding at sunset are unforgettable experiences. A number of excursions include sandboarding through the dunes and visits to traditional Berber villages.

Explore the winding alleyways of mediaeval Medinas. The ancient medinas or old cities of Morocco are bewildering labyrinthine labyrinths comprised of hammams (public baths), spice-scented souks (markets), and riads (traditional courtyard houses). Medinas in Fez, Marrakech, and Essaouira are notably magnificent and awe-inspiring to investigate. Getting lost is probable, but that’s precisely the point! Take in the ambiance, pause for a cup of mint tea, and peruse the stalls brimming with antiques and handicrafts.

Visit Marrakech’s Majorelle Garden today. Exotic vegetation, ponds, and awe-inspiring cobalt blue architecture comprise the Majorelle Garden, an oasis in Marrakech. Its vibrant splendour elegantly contrasts with the vitality of the city. Explore the gardens, pay a visit to the Berber Museum, pause at the cafe, and load your camera with images. A visit to Marrakech is essential to a complete trip there.

Ascend the Mount Atlas The cities of Morocco are adorned with a breathtaking backdrop in the High Atlas Mountains. Over the mountains, the picturesque Tizi n’Test Pass connects Marrakech to the Sahara. It is possible to trek along a segment of its route. Destined for shorter hikes from Marrakech are picturesque villages such as Imlil. Here, mountain trails can be traversed by local guides in order to see Berber villages and take in breathtaking valley views.

Unwind at the Oualidia Lagoon On the Atlantic coast of Morocco, the tranquil Oualidia Lagoon is populated by wild oysters, pink flamingos, and a laid-back surf town atmosphere. Observe the sunset while staying in a guesthouse and indulging in fresh seafood, kayaking or surfing on the lagoon, or strolling along the tranquil shores. An oasis of tranquilly in contrast to the bustling metropolises of the imperial era.

Explore Time at Large in Fes Fes, a mediaeval metropolis, accommodates the largest medina in Morocco and the oldest university in the world. Its 9,000 narrow lanes make getting lost an enjoyable experience. There are tanneries, palaces, mosques, artisanal workshops, and more. Observe the street theatre unwind while seated. In the souks, Fes is also an excellent place to purchase antiques and handicrafts.

A camel trek at sunset and desert excursions into the Sahara dunes combine to create an indelible desert experience.

Behold the renowned Blue City of Chefchaouen Chefchaouen’s winding alleyways and blue-washed houses distinguish it immediately. Medina strolling is a delightful experience, and purchasing handicrafts is a delightful diversion. Hiking in the vicinity provides breathtaking vistas of the city. Chefchaouen is exceptionally endearing and photogenic. Ensure that you spend several days in this location.

Visit Volubilis, an ancient Roman ruin. Located in close proximity to Fes, Volubilis was an ancient Roman metropolis that flourished during the third century BC. One may visit this UNESCO World Heritage site to observe exceptionally well-preserved Roman ruins, which comprise an abundance of exquisite mosaic floors. For a glimpse into the past, stand among the remnants of temples, mansions, arches, and basilicas.

Delight in authentic Moroccan cuisine When in Morocco, one of the pleasures is indulging in its delectable cuisine. Anticipate delectable slow-cooked tagines, couscous, pastilla, harira soup, and mrouzia lamb stew. Strong coffee, freshly squeezed orange juice, and mint tea aid in diluting the substance. Consider attempting regional delicacies such as tanjia from Marrakech or bessara fava bean dip from Fes for snacks. Yum!

At sunset, nothing quite compares to a camel tour of the Sahara desert atop enormous dunes. The encounter resembles something from Arabian Nights. Desert camping under the stars is an unforgettable experience.

Relax on the Essaouira Beach Essaouira has the finest Atlantic beaches in Morocco and a laid-back bohemian atmosphere. Delight in freshly grilled sardines while lounging on the sand, explore the Skala fortifications, and witness the sunset over the old port. Additionally, goats may be observed ascending argan trees in the vicinity, which serve as the plantation for argan oil. Consider kitesurfing or windsurfing for an active experience.

Valley of Paradise Hiking Located a short distance from Marrakech, the magnificent Paradise Valley is accessible by car. This scenic gorge features hiking paths that circumnavigate cascading waterfalls and swimming-friendly rock pools. There are numerous Kasbahs and Berber villages to investigate in the region. Invest in a local guide and spend the day hiking while taking in the crisp mountain air.

Sahara desert tours enable visitors to witness the most recognisable feature of Morocco: the vast Sahara Desert. Camping under the stars and riding camels into the dusk are certain to be highlights. From tranquil beaches to ancient medinas, dunes to mountains, Morocco presents an extraordinary array of landscapes for tourists to discover. A trip to Morocco should incorporate sufficient time to sample the country’s renowned mint tea, cuisine, and hospitality. Morocco is a nation brimming with activities and attractions that will guarantee the formation of enduring memories.