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The benefits of a kitchen respray

In many houses today the latest technology and modern amenities are used in every space and the kitchen is among the top frequently used areas. It is possible to cook or eat, drink and even gather in the kitchen. Therefore, it is not a surprise that the furniture to be adorned and painted.

If you decide to paint with spray kitchen cabinets, you will be assured that the cabinet’s colour and design will last for quite a long duration. They also offer that fantastic contemporary design that is admired by many.

If your kitchen cabinet isn’t in great condition, primarily due to the loss of the color, a new coating of painting is an excellent alternative.

Many people have a difficult time making an informed decision in making a decision about whether to use spray or hand paint the cabinets in their kitchen. As an owner, let’s take a take a look at the reasons it is important to use spray paints for kitchen cabinets as well as other furniture.

Difference Between Spray Painting and Hand Painting

Spray painting isn’t only the most effective method of painting your kitchen cabinets but it’s also an easy method to achieve the perfect result. There isn’t any evidence of brush strokes when you choose to paint with spray.

This process requires some skill and planning, but it is worthwhile due to the amazing results it can bring.

In contrast, hand painting can be the most time-consuming and can still leave a rough result, particularly when the incorrect brush is employed.

This method will mean that you’ll end up with lines of paint on the cabinet’s surface this isn’t great. It is well-known that you’d like an elegant clean, fresh, and smooth finish.

Spray Painting Process Spray Painting Process

If you’re aware of the different options for spray painting kitchen cabinets what do you do to go about doing it? The steps below will show you everything you need to be aware of:

This is the Cabinet preparation step.

Remove All Hardware

All hinges and hardware have been removed from kitchen cabinets.

Clean the surfaces of the Cabinet

The cabinets are thoroughly cleaned by using a degreasing product to remove all grease or dirt to stop the paint from being ripped off.

Re-sand and clean surfaces

A dust-free sanding machine is employed to smooth the surfaces on the cabinets.

Dry and Mask Off

Make use of masking tapes to cover walls, shelves and floors inside and surrounding the cabinet. Put the doors and drawers in place and the drawers to dry.

The Painting Step

Then, a primer is applied to the surface. The primer assists the paint to adhere well and extend for a beautiful final.

After the primer has dried, an uniform amount of paint can be painted using the paint sprayer.

The second coat will give it the high-quality finish and more coverage than you want. The final step is that the entire thing is put back together so that you can put the kitchen cabinets back installed securely.

Benefits of spray Paint

Here are the major advantages of using spray paint on kitchen cabinets:

Spray painting provides a more smooth and more complete coverage. It also does not leave any brush strokes, which are usually visible when using the paintbrush.
It’s faster than the majority of brushes and covers. an extensive area in a shorter amount of time.
Spray paint will apply two coatings which is not the case with regular paint brushes. It can also reduce the amount of cash on labor.

What All It All Comes Down to

The process of spraying paint cabinets in the kitchen requires lots of work but can make a significant difference in the outcomes you will get. It’s worth the effort, particularly when you choose a professional that can make it appear effortless!