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Should I Be Using Wax Melts?

For a quick and simple alternative to candles that smell They offer a variety of advantages and advantages that we discuss in this article.

Read on to discover why these wonderful small blocks of wax been gaining so much attention and why you should look into using them to perfume your home.

No Flame

The wax melts are typically heated with a wax burner.

As opposed to candles which are flammable, there’s not a naked flame to worry about and eliminates any dangers to your home or your children’s hands accidentally getting burnt.

Because they are not flammable and therefore safer over a candle burning.

Certain people prefer electric wax burners instead of melters using tea-lights because it’s more secure in the event that children are at home.

Long Burn Time

Wax melts are a great choice because they have an extended burn time in comparison to lots of candles.

Although this is dependent on a variety of variables, including what kind of wax used, the size of the melt, or the candle involved however, the general rule is that the wax melts burn longer than candles with the same amount of wax used.

It’s not surprising that the soy melts have been getting huge popularity since you can expect about five minutes of burning time for every ounce.


It’s well-known about the benefits of melting wax. inexpensive.

With the amount of burn time they offer as well as the average price they’re offered at, they are a great value for people who are looking to perfume their homes as frequently as they can.

It’s important to note that wax melts require less materials in their production than candles for instance, since there’s no wick or in some cases, there’s also no container to store them in.

This is why wax melts tend to be much less expensive to purchase frequently.

No Paraffins

The majority of commercial melts are made of paraffin wax.

It is the most frequently utilized base for candle makers since it is the least expensive to manufacture.

But, keep your mind in the event that you are using paraffin comes from petroleum and isn’t thought to be beneficial for health or the environmental environment.

Based on different studies, paraffin is believed to release benzene, which is classified as carcinogen.

On contrary, are not contaminated of these harmful substances because the vast majority of wax melts, like ours, are constructed from more safe and healthier organic soy wax.

It is a vegetable-based wax made from soybeans and is a more pure type of wax.

Super Convenient

Wax melts are very useful and convenient.

If you’re looking for a’set and forget’ scent solution They’re the perfect choice.

There’s no flame open to worry about it’s easy to put an unburnt wax melt onto the burner, and allow it to work its work.

They’re also extremely compact, making them simple to store in any tiny drawer or cabinet.

Most wax melts are sold in snap-off cubes. It’s simple to cut them up in accordance with the amount you’re going to need.

They’re also extremely mobile and can be carried practically wherever you go.

They are also a wonderful gift!

Control Your Fragrance

A majority of people utilize candles with scents or wax melts to create a long-lasting scent within their home.

But with candles, you can’t regulate your intensity fragrance the way the way you can with melts of wax.

With the best wax melts, one can control the strength of the scent with simple portions control.

If you’re looking for just light scent, simply cut off and then burn the small amount of wax.

To get a stronger scent Simply break off a larger chunk of candle and let the burner take care of the work!

Stronger Fragrance

Wax melts have a more intense scent than candles with fragrances because the fragrance levels vary greatly.

Wax melts have a greater perfume concentration but without the same issues.

For those who want an intense scent wax melts are an excellent option.

No Soot

The main benefit of melting wax is that they don’t produce any smoke when burning.

Soot is a typical byproduct of candles that have been burned It’s not something which you could do about it.

Over longer periods time could ruin or discolor furniture, upholstery, and other surfaces near to each other.

It’s also well-known that exposure to soot may adversely affect health.

People suffering from respiratory ailments such as conditions such as asthma, bronchitis, or breath shortness should stay away from contact with soot.

So wax melts can be a great alternative to candles since there’s no soot to deal with.

Environmentally Friendly

Wax melts are thought of to be very green when compared to other products.

Since most melts of wax consist of 100% soy, there are no concern about the utilization of fossil fuels in the production of the melts.

Furthermore, as they’re fully burned, there’s no mess.

They do not also release harmful sooty residues or possibly carcinogenic smoke in the air.

If you’re concerned about your health, or the health of those you love the idea of framing your home using wax melts is the most effective solution.

They’re Fun

One of the greatest benefits of melting wax is that they can be mixed and matched the melts to create customized scents.

It’s an easy process of cutting off a piece wax, and then adding it to the other warmers in your.

You can also purchase wax melts in various flavors to allow you to mix and match the flavors as you’d would like.

It is safe for pets and kids.

Wax melts are generally safe for homes with children or pets.

You don’t have to worry about burning since there’s no open flame.

Naturally, with the help of wax burners, melts of wax are heated up to a point that causes them to melt and become hot.

Therefore, it is not recommended to place them in the range of small hands or feet.

However, with no open flames accessible to children, it makes the use of these devices much safer as far as children are involved, and it decreases the risk of accidents occurring.

Less Wastage

There is no need to make the production of containers that are not used, as is the case for candles, for instance.

The wax melts don’t have flames or wicks, and there are no containers to worry about They are burnt, leaving no residue.

Candles, however, typically leave behind a layer unburned wax at the bottom which is not able to be burned.

Therefore, if you select candles that aren’t a waste product, such as wax melts as an example, you’ll in the end be contributing less garbage going into landfills.

Scented wax melts are undoubtedly an excellent alternative to scent candles.

They are available in a variety of varieties of scents and colors which makes it an enjoyable and secure experience with children!

In light of the many benefits discussed above, it’s worth to give wax melts a go the next time you want to buy some premium scents for your home.