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Playing With Dinosaurs

No matter what age you are You’ll be awed by the Dino Kuscheltiere. They are a perfect blend of fun and excitement and delivering important information on everything dinosaur and related, these toys will keep your kids (and possibly you!) engaged for long hours. If your child is on the cusp of becoming a dinosaurologist or simply loves the dinosaurs’ appearance and sounds and sound, we have the dinosaur toy suitable for them.

The benefits of imagination play are amazing to children’s development. Research suggests that children who play with playing pretend are more creative and have better performance in school and develop a solid thinking process for learning.

In this activity that is themed around dinosaurs The enjoyment comes from the use of our imaginations to create an imaginary world full of dinosaurs. It is possible to use whatever that you have around the house. Begin by talking to your child about what a dino’s world could look like, and what they require to feel comfortable in their world. It is important to ask lots of questions that will aid them in finding the answer. For instance, dinosaurs require water to survive. So , why not ask the kids what a dinosaur might consume? Make them aware that dinosaurs live outside, which is why they understand dinosaurs drink water that originates from lakes and rivers.

When they’ve got the basic components of what a dinosaur requires in their environment then take an inspection of the home or out in the open to see what you can build the world. Small objects can be used such as the ones we used in this project or large objects to create the world of a dinosaur, consider pillows and cushions for couches or even towers of blocks to make trees. Play putty was created to build our world of dinosaurs, read on for the recipe!

After you’ve got all the things you need and the world is made, it’s time to explore the world of dinosaurs! If you created a large universe, the child may like pretending to be a dinosaurs themselves! In a smaller world, toys for small dinosaurs are a great way to engage with other people in the universe.

Here are a few items we have used in our life as dinosaurs

tiny dinosaurs
tiny trees
Play putty made at home, colors green, blue and brown
Blue glass beads to water
small branches
pine cones
play tray or cookie sheet
Vegetable serving tray or tray for organizing

Things that can be used to make a texture

Fork – move an elongated fork through your play putty to create the appearance of grass.
Foil Roll some foil to form an oval shape and then push it over the playing putty to create an uneven, rocky look.
Spoon – put the spoon into blue play putty to create an wavy effect to water.

If you’re looking to make yourself your own putty for play, this is the easy recipe we’ve used!

Super Simple Putty


Three cups of water
3 cups flour divided into 3 cups,
3/4 cup of salt
8.8 teaspoons of tartar-based cream
3 tablespoons of vegetable oils
Food colouring, what colour you’d like to use to make your own putty


1. In a medium-sized to large saucepan, mix your dry ingredients , mixing wellbefore adding all the liquid ingredients. With the large spatula or spoon combine everything to make sure the ingredients are non-clumpy.

2. Mixture over medium temperature and stir often. While you stir the mixture, it will begin to get clumped together. Change to a spatula again for mixing and then continue to stir. If a large clump of mixture has formed, take it off of the heat and allow it to cool.

3. After cooling to a comfortable temperature, you can begin to work it with your hands. Once the consistency is consistent start separating the putty into equal sections in case you’re making various colors. In this batch, we could make an adequate amount of three different shades. To apply the food colouring create an impression with your thumb in the middle of the ball. Slowly add small amounts of food colouring in intervals between kneads to ensure the colour is evenly distributed. Once you’ve reached the desired colour intensity then the fun can begin!

*Fill up six months or more in plastic bag.

Have fun exploring your dinosaur world!