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Kopi luwak has many health benefits

Kopi Luwak, also known as weasel or civet coffee, is among the most sought-after and expensive coffees around the globe. It’s so scarce that it may be hard to locate. You’ve probably heard that the coffee cherries are partially digested by a critter called”the Asian palm civet, before farmers harvest the beans. After they are thoroughly cleaned and processed the coffee is then offered as kopi luwak.

Keep in mind it is true that one most expensive coffees actually comes from the urine of an animal commonly believed to be rodent people have naturally wondered, why people drink kopi luwak? If you’re one of these people, this article is perfect for you! We will give you seven reasons why people love drinking kopi the luwak.

01 Kopi luwak is extremely silky smooth

It’s no secret that kopi Luwak is one of the most smooth coffees available. It’s the one that most people make comments on first.

Although kopi Luwak definitely has some critics, this is actually backed by scientific research. It has been demonstrated that kopi luwak beans have less protein than the regular arabica beans. Since protein is the reason for the majority of bitterness of coffee which is why kopi Luwak is much more smooth than other coffees. A lot of fans of kopi Luwak like us also appreciate this.

Another benefit that is not as obvious this is the requirement to add additional beverages that sweeten the bitterness coffee. In the first place, it lets the user take pleasure in the flavor of the coffee as it is. Furthermore, and perhaps more important, it is ideal for those who wish to reduce calories. Although popular condiments like cream or milk contain many energy, coffee by itself contains very little. Based on Healthline, 240ml full milk, for instance is around 149 calories.

02 A lot of people love the flavor of kopi luwak.

Some experts and coffee enthusiasts don’t like the flavor of kopi luwak , and claim it’s not worth the price. Although this might be the case for certain people tastes, it is a matter of personal preference.

If you’ve never had the pleasure of tasting the coffee, kopi Luwak has an extremely earthy taste with nutty notes , and sometimes it has a caramel-like finish. It is in stark contrast to many arabica coffees, which are usually classified as fruity.

In a sense the coffee tastes a lot similar to wine in a sense. The variety, the region processing, and brewing all affect the flavor of coffee. Your taste preferences may not be like mine. Everyone has different preferences and this selection. That’s among the best advantages of trying new coffees. Every person will have their own opinions. However, we cannot say that we don’t like the flavor of kopi luwak and we’re not alone.

03 Kopi Luwak has an excellent mouthfeel

In addition to having less bitterness than the majority of coffees, kopi Luwak also is a bit heavier in body. This is due in part to its higher fat content. An investigation conducted by the University of Andalas showed this.

Some people like their tea light and others prefer more of a distinct mouthfeel. For us, and many others, a more substantial body is more preferable.

04 kopi Luwak has many health benefits

Coffee is believed to provide numerous health benefits, including aiding in improving mood and helping to improve concentration. It’s not widely known fact that kopi Luwak could provide additional benefits like aiding physical performance, fighting formation stone kidneys, assisting in the absorption of nutrients and permitting food to become energy.

It is caffeine-free than regular coffee.

If you compare them with regular arabica beans the kopi luwak beans have 25 percent less caffeine. This is beneficial for those with sensitivity to caffeine, but nonetheless desire to experience the rich taste of coffee. Sure, you can test decaf coffees, but we believe that they lack flavor.

It’s ideal for coffee enthusiasts like us who don’t consume coffee just for daily caffeine. The FDA recommends that you consume a minimum of 400 mg caffeine daily. The lower caffeine content in kopi luwak gives us about an additional cup of standard coffee per day, without exceeding that limit!

06 Many people are curious about the kopi Luwak

It is a fact that many people take a kopi luwak taste for the first time, out of curiosity. You’re probably aware that the process the beans go through is different from any other coffee and, as a result it is widely believed as being among the highest priced coffees around the globe. In addition, it is featured to it in movies like The Bucket List and kopi the luwak is being offered in the world’s most expensive stores like Harrods located in London. The public wants to know what all the fuss is about.

If you’ve not yet tried it, we suggest you try it but be sure to be aware of where you purchase or consume it because the majority of sellers have been dishonest in their marketing with Kopi Luwak that is completely fake. We’ll have the finest kopi luwaks we’ve tried in stock soon.

07 Kopi Luwak is an exclusive

In the end, it’s worth saying that certain people appreciate the “exclusivity” of the kopi luwak. Because it is among the rarest coffees around all of the globe, it’s not surprising that some people like this feature of kopi Luwak.

The labor-intensive and challenging process of making high-quality coffee makes large-scale production nearly impossible. Although it’s difficult to determine exactly how much authentic kopi Luwak is produced each year, it is certainly only a small fraction of the all coffee production. Certain estimates indicate that wild kopi luwak production could be as little as 500kg per year, while the production of kopi luwak grown in a farm is believed to be approximately 50 tons each year.

Although it’s pleasant to inform your friends you drink the drink that Jack Nicholson’s character describes as “The most rare beverage that exists” We drink kopi luwak as we love the flavor and the daily cups bring us immense joy. If you’re thinking of having a go, we suggest you try it, but the experience is much more than just something to talk about with your friends.

Summary: Why do people drink kopi luwak?

Kopi luwak has many admirers and is becoming more sought-after due to good reasons. In fact there are seven excellent reasons! The first is that it is one of the most silky coffees available. Additionally, it comes with a thick taste and earthy aroma, which many enjoy. In addition it’s less caffeine and is a great source of health advantages. Additionally, some are simply curious, while others love its prestigious name.

We are obviously we are huge fans of the coffee we serve in Art De Vivre Coffee and we would definitely encourage you to taste the best quality kopi-luwak at the very least!