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What is SMS marketing?

The advantages of SMS marketing for business include high deliveryability as well as increased engagement with customers and greater revenue, to mention just a few. SMS is among the most efficient ways to communicate with your customers and it is one of the most popular options for customers themselves.

SMS marketing integrates seamlessly with other channels you’re already using to reach out to customers, such as the email or social networking platforms. It’s also a fantastic instrument for marketing automation. If you’re not making use of text messages to reach your target audience, then the introduction of this channel is the top priority.

We’ll discuss more on the advantages of SMS marketing, and provide some suggestions for incorporating it into your marketing plan.

What exactly is SMS marketing?

If you’ve ever watched those three grey dots as you waited for a response within the app’s messaging screen, you’re comfortable with SMS.

SMS is short for short message service. It’s technically text-only messages of between 160 and 135 characters (rather than more lengthy or multimedia-rich messages) However, today the majority of users use “SMS to refer to any kind or type of message that is text-based.

In the business world the world of business, SMS marketing is an effective method of engaging customers and driving sales through SMS messaging. Businesses can make use of SMS marketing to announce promotional offers, share time-sensitive data and reminders, advertise new products, solicit feedback, and much more.

As a method of marketing SMS is simple to use and has the possibility of a high return on investment. The most important thing, however it’s that consumers are awestruck by it. 83% of customers would like to receive reminders via text messages for appointments for instance, and 66% of them would prefer to receive notifications from service providers through text messages (but just a fraction firms offer notifications in this manner).

With its ease of use and simple configuration SMS messaging is difficult to beat as an affordable, low-risk marketing channel.

The benefits of using SMS for marketing


According to the old saying that big things are from small boxes. SMS marketing has endless possibilities inside a tiny 160-character container. Here are some of the possibilities for businesses to use SMS marketing:

New customers are welcome!
Let customers know about bills due and provide an easy method to pay
Confirm, cancel, and move appointment times
Run flash sales
Special discounts are available to VIP customers.
Send confirmations of orders and updates on shipping
Provide tech support
Surveys to collect feedback from customers

When you begin to think of ideas, the possibilities to connect with customers via SMS message marketing apps are limitless.


SMS marketing lets you communicate with your customers on the basis of their personal preferences and data points such as how they like to be reached, the kind of communications they would like to receive, and the frequency with which you communicate. The more you customize your messages to the customer preferences and preferences, the better the experience they have with your brand will be.

Zero-Party Data

Privacy is a major priority for consumers, and brands have been struggling to adjust to the new restrictions regarding data sharing between apps. SMS marketing provides a great chance to collect zero-party data-which is customers’ data that they have explicitly and knowingly given to a brand. This data can use to enhance the experience of your customers.

Low Competition

Despite the widespread use of text messages and text messaging, the majority of businesses do not make use of SMS as a medium for marketing. The market is less crowded than other platforms, such as email, making it much easier to stand out. It also means that you are less likely to compete for the attention of customers as you would in an area like their inbox.


SMS campaigns are cheaper than traditional methods of advertising and marketing. Because they’re so flexible and adaptable, they’ve the potential to generate a better return on investment. Due to the information that you can get on SMS-based marketing and be able to have an incredibly detailed understanding of how each campaign’s results are than an ad on TV or streaming in which you can’t determine exactly what actions the customer made after seeing the advertisement.

Data Convenient

Alongside data about customers such as preferences for communication SMS marketing also allows you to gather an abundance of data on behavior, such as the kind of messages people are reading and clicking on. This will help you improve the future messages you send out and constantly improve your efficiency.


Marketing messages that are delivered via SMS appealing, particularly when the messages are personalized to the person receiving them. It’s a huge show confidence when a client offers you their mobile number. Hence, making use of SMS marketing in the right way is an excellent opportunity to improve the customer’s satisfaction and build their loyalty to your brand.

Tips to market your SMS

Integrate with other channels

Make use of SMS marketing as a part of a comprehensive strategy for communication by considering how it ties into other channels. For instance, a transaction that occurs on your website may cause text message shipping alerts or a request for support that starts with text could be converted into a phone chat with a live agent. The great thing about SMS can be found in the way that it can handle these smooth transitions effortlessly.

Segment Your Audience

It’s crucial to personalize your SMS messages so that they best meet the needs of the person who will be receiving the messages. In this case, we’ll look at SEO. If you’re an New York SEO company, you’d like to only send marketing messages only to customers within that New York region only. Segmentation lets you split your entire database of contacts into smaller groups, based on specific attributes like place of residence, age, job location and even the type of vehicle they drive.

Be Conform

Be sure that you’re on legal side when it comes to SMS marketing by adhering to all guidelines and consent practices. Some of the most important ones are: Get the consent of your customers prior to sending them a text message or distributing the terms of service and other conditions and make it swift and simple to unsubscribe at anytime.

Be aware of branding

Alongside the promotional message or information you’re giving through text messages, don’t miss the chance to utilize SMS for building your brand. Include your company’s name in the text you send to keep your brand in the forefront of mind. Also, avoid pushing messages that are geared towards sales.

Two-way communication is available.

Customers don’t only want to receive messages from brands; they also want to reply to messages also. But many brands don’t track or respond to text messages. This is a huge missed opportunity. Make use of SMS messaging as a communication platform, rather than acting as a sender.

Benefits from SMS-based marketing in comparison to phone calls

In the realm of marketing and advertising, there’s a variety of options that businesses can employ to reach out to their intended customers. One of the most popular methods is using the short messaging service also known as SMS, to deliver messages to consumers directly on their using their mobile phones. Why is the use of SMS marketing? There are a variety benefits over the other types of marketing, including email or phone calls.

They are typically cheaper to ship than phone calls.

In general SMS marketing is less expensive to make than phone calls. Additionally almost all businesses that use texts for business reported that it increased their revenues, with more than 60% reporting that it has significantly increased revenues.

It is possible to send messages quickly and quickly to a vast amount of people at one time.

One of the most significant advantages for SMS marketing is its ability to reach out to a broad population. Your customers are looking forward to receiving text messages. A study discovered 90% of customers are keen to sign for text messages from a company.

More likely to be more read and then responded to than emails.

Since 1 out of three people check their messages within a minute of receiving a textmessage, it’s no wonder SMS has a greater read rate and reaction rate than email. Furthermore the majority of people claim they would like the option to send a message back to a company.

Businesses can track their responses and evaluate outcomes in real time.

In the field of marketing, the ability to keep track of your results is vital. SMS marketing lets companies accomplish this. Through SMS tracking, companies can track how many people were notified of the message and how many have opened it, as well as how many people replied.

In the end, SMS marketing offers many advantages over other strategies for marketing that include telephone calls or emails. There are numerous advantages of using text messaging in business: It’s more affordable and more effective in reaching an audience that is larger and is more likely to receive responses. Additionally, businesses can monitor responses in real time to determine the results and determine what’s working. If you’re looking to develop an innovative marketing strategy SMS marketing is an excellent option to look into.

Frequently asked questions

What’s the significance of SMS to do with marketing?

SMS marketing is a form of advertising that is carried out via the use of text messages. It is a great way to inform customers about promotions, notify customers about important company news, communicate important information or sensitive data offer support, and much more.

Is SMS marketing illegal?

SMS marketing is legal when done correctly. This is why you must obtain written consent from customers to contact them through text messages to market purposes. The initial message should include simple and clear instructions on how to opt-out.

Does SMS marketing work?

Because of its easy and personal nature, SMS marketing is extremely efficient in attracting customers. A majority of consumers respond positively to SMS messages from companies once they’ve signed for these messages.

What are the various types of marketing via SMS?

There are numerous types of SMS that brands may utilize for marketing purposes for example:
Coupon codes
– Contests
– Transactional messages
Updates on status
– Service alerts
– Geo-triggered messages